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You're just a few seconds away from giving your clients a client experience that will have them raving about your firm for years to come. Connect your LawPay account below and you'll get 6 free months of ClientRock.

Frequently asked questions

Is this REALLY a limited offer or are you just tricking me into signing up?

This really is a one time offer. We're partnering to let just 50 firms join this pilot. After we fill the spots, the pilot will be closed for good so make sure to join early if you're interested.

What happens after the trial?

Your first six months are free but we'd never hit you with an unexpected bill at the end of it. As the end of your trial gets closer, we'll check in and ask if you'd like to continue after the free period.

If you're loving ClientRock and want to continue on a paid plan, you'll get an additional 15% off for the life of your account. There will literally never be a better time to integrate a portal into your firm's process.

And if you're all set (or we don't hear back from you,) we'll just close the account and you'll never be charged.

So can I get rid of Calendly, Acuity, Docusign, Dropbox, etc?

Insofar as you are using those solutions for client-facing activities, yes. We believe a client should only have to go to one place to interact with their lawyer and that tool fatigue leads to poor client experiences and lower referral rates.

I have other questions, how can I get them answered?

You can always reach us at

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